Committees & Working Groups

“SAAHA represents the manufacturers and suppliers of veterinary medicines, stock remedies and other animal health products.”

SAAHA Working Groups

  • Amendments (New working group)
  • Autogenous vaccines (Active)
  • Clinical trials (New working group)
  • Compounding (Not presently active)
  • Complementary medicines (Not presently active)
  • Devices (Active)
  • Electronic dossiers (Not presently active)
  • General guideline (Not presently active)
  • GMP (Active)
  • Labelling (Not presently active)
  • Marketing code (Active, requires input of member marketing personnel)
  • Mutual recognition and abbreviated review procedure (Not presently active)
  • One Act (Not presently active)
  • Pharmaceutical and analytical (Not presently active)
  • Pharmacovigilance (New working group)
  • Phase-out of inert ingredients of toxicological concern (Not presently active)
  • Post-importation testing (Active)
  • Salary Survey (Active)
  • Sales Statistics (Active)
  • Social media (New working group)
  • Stability (Not presently active)
  • Stock Remedy Regulations (New working group being formulated)
  • Training and accreditation (Active, requires input of member marketing personnel)
  • Training – Exco focus group (Active)
  • Vaccines (Active)

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